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Foaming Soap Automatic Hand Washer

Automatic Induction Foaming Soap Hand Washer

Product description

Automatic Soap Dispenser ideal for Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen, Hotel, Restaurant.

Features: 1. Modern design, transparent soap tank, easily checked for the amount of soap remaining. 2. Adjustable foaming modes, rational distribution. 3. Smart infrared sensor, touchless, easy to use.

Specifications: 1. Product Name: Automatic Soap Dispenser 2. Battery: 4 AA Alkaline batteries (not included in the package) 3. Color: White 4. Product Material: ABS + PC 5. Voltage : DC 6V 6. Power: 1.8W 7. Tank Volume: 250ml 8. Detect distance: 3-5cm 9. Item Net Weight: 0.26kg 10. Item Gross Weight: 0.36kg

Package Content: 1. 1 x Soap dispenser 2. 1 x user manual

【Attention】:The soap foaming may not come out when the concentration of hand sanitizer is too high. If you meet this situation, please first pour only clean warm water into the tank to unclog the pipe. Then, increase the proportion of water and decrease the hand sanitizer. If you don't know how to operate, please contact us via amazon e-mail.

1.【High Capacity, Low Consumption】: Boasting a 250ML soap tank, pour hand sanitizer mixed with water in ratio 1 to 2 or 3. You can also put your favorite foam soap (undiluted) into the tank.

2.【2 Foaming Modes】: Press +/- adjustment button to dispense more or less foaming according to your request. Kids use less foam while adults use more foam, rational allocation.

3.【Eco-Friendly】: Special leak proof foam spout design to avoid dripping, leaks, or wasted soap each time you use.

4.【Automatic Soap Dispenser】: Dispense foam automatically when your hand is detected by the dispense (sensing distance 3-5 cm). Touchless and cleaner, relieve your hands from the original manual soap dispenser.

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